Cloud Backup

It happens all the time. Drives fail, backups don’t exist, and years of data is lost. Even if you have backups, are you confident they work? When was the last time they were tested? Can you retrieve a file overwritten a week ago? A month ago?

We utilize industry standard systems to provide reliable incremental backups with offsite cloud data duplication. We also have automated tickets for any backup failure. If a failure does happen, an Engineer is assigned to review the backups and ensure any issue gets resolved so your backups are fully operational.

What does all that mean? Most importantly, you can rest easy knowing your backups are going to work if you need them, and that you will be able to recover from disaster. In addition, we can retrieve files that were deleted or replaced from days, weeks, or even months ago.

Not sure if your backups are are reliable or even working? Contact us to schedule a Network Discovery today!