Network Discovery

Network Discovery

A Network Discovery is a service where we spend 4 to 8 hours analyzing and mapping out your network and servers, run tests against your firewall, network, and servers to establish a baseline. We will talk with your Office Manager to obtain information from vendors about your phone and internet services and will also talk with staff to explore the issues they commonly face with any applicators, products, or services they use.

Once we complete the onsite discovery, we parse through the data, draw up your existing infrastructure, and document all the information we obtained over the discovery process. We then create recommendations to increase productivity and enhance reliability, create a proposed network drawing, and create an itinerary of recommended projects in order to bring your systems up to recommended standards.

After we complete the above, we schedule a time with you to present all this data in an easy to understand presentation with printouts of security reports, network drawings, and documentation on all hardware and systems where we outline our recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

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