Launcher – Locked Down Windows Desktop with Central Control

Launcher is a solution designed to fully lock down a Windows PC and provide you central management options for all configurations within the software. It provides you a method to launch applications on the PC as well as Websites and limit access to the PC and other sites. In addition, you can centrally manage every aspect of the application such as:

  • Applications Available to the user
  • Internet sites that can be accessed
  • RDP connections available
  • Ability to Shutdown the PC
  • Inactivity timeout and clearing of session data
  • WiFi Connect/Disconnect Availability
  • PC Shutdown/Restart Availability
  • Company Logo and Application Color Scheme
  • Button Images, location, and size
  • Launch Applications, URLs, or RDP connections
  • Auto-update the application when new versions are released
  • Local GPOs or Domain GPO for additional control
  • Easy Remote Management from IIS or Apache/nGinx

Seen below are screenshots of the application and some details about each.

This is an example of the Application with some details provided. Buttons are configured which are used to launch whatever application you want. It can be an application on the local PC, a URL, or RDP connection.
This is the dialogue shown to users when they click the Wireless button. If available, and if settings allow, then allowed and available wireless networks populate this list.
This information display allows users to provide tech support details about their computer easily.
This is the general application configuration settings where you set the URL for the website where the application will download it’s settings from.
This is the dialogue shown briefly when downloading settings from the web server.
This image shows the Button Config settings. Here you can either view or manually setup the Buttons for the application and specify the image, what the button does, the button size and position.
This image shows some options when configuring buttons. You see there are options to launch apps, URLs, and RDP connections.
Here we see the Web Filtering options available. Note Websites can be launched with the built-in browser or IE. Filtering only applies to the built-in browser.
This image shows the WiFi config settings. You can pre-configure Wireless networks the machines are allowed to connect to and whether the user is allowed to connect/disconnect from those pre-determined networks or any network.