Your employees are only as productive as the technology allows them to be. When their computers, applications, or internet connections are sluggish, you loose productivity.

By addressing performance reducing issues on servers, preventing and tracking access to websites not needed for work, and ensuring your network connections are optimally configured, we will help your business increase employee productivity.

These are a few of the ways in which we will address speed related issues:

  • Block network traffic from Ads and malicious sites
  • Block Network Security risks
  • Identify & Remedy Programs which cause PCs to be slow
  • Identify Network devices being overloaded
  • Identify Slow PCs and resolve or replace
  • Place secure devices on separate networks
  • Ensure Guest networks have no access to Company systems
  • QoS bandwidth utilization
  • Identify where Caching may be applicable
  • Review and make recommendation on the WiFi’s wireless standards, security, and hardware in use.

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