Month: February 2017

Windows Open File Security Warning – The publisher could not be verified

This is going to be divided into 3 parts. How to verify if a file is blocked, and how to disable this on a single file, and how to disable this for the entire PC. So how do you verify

How to Troubleshoot Active Directory Across Firewalls

Do you have an Active Directory server in a Datacenter separated by a VPN? Or simply on a different VLAN with a firewall between? Perhaps you simply keep the Windows firewalls enabled… If so, you have likely experienced issues with

How to Gain Local Administrative Rights on a Domain Joined PC

Prerequisites CD or USB bootable disk with WinPE or Windows Installation media Save the script at the bottom of this page to a folder on the C drive of your PC, preferably something like c:\temp\ and save it with filename MakeSIDAdmin.vbs