Pain Points

Every business has them. Sometimes they are caused by technology, sometimes they can be exacerbated by technology misuse, and sometimes they are caused by not knowing how to fix them.

What pain points does your small business face? How can we partner to ease these pains? Here we cover a few pains many businesses face and how we can leverage our expertise to ease these pains.

The Internet is SLOW

This is one of the most common issues faced. Why is the internet so slow! There can be many reasons, everything from poor wireless coverage to insufficient bandwidth. We begin by appraising your network, talking with your employees, and identifying the causes of the slowness. Every aspect of the slowness is identified, including ISP, Bandwidth usage, Router performance, WiFi signal strength, WiFi standards, Wireless security, PC or laptop age and performance, PC wireless adapters, DNS resolution, PC security, Network security services, etc. We then review all the data and make a proposal on what needs to be done to resolve the slowness for every employee. Read more on the page Speed.

Program X Never Works

Are you using a network application that never seems to want to work correctly? Perhaps an EHR, Invoicing application, or some other system? Show us! We will identify why the program is constantly having communication issues and remedy those issues! If it’s a fault with the application itself, such as crashing, we will research and identify why it’s crashing and what needs to be done. Ream more on the page Stability and Security.

The Last Tech Never Documented Anything

Do you have no idea how any of your systems are setup and the only person that knows is your IT guy? Does that worry you and keep you up at nights wondering what if my IT guy disappeared? We will document every piece of equipment, every IP address, every admin login, everything IT related, and provide you with all of the documentation. Read more on the page Network Discovery.

Backups? What backups?

Are you protected with backups? Have those backups been tested recently? If you aren’t sure, ask yourself how badly would your company be hurt if suddenly all your data, all your invoicing, and your entire customer database was suddenly gone? Backups are an essential piece of every business. There is absolutely no reason not to have good backups. Read more on the page Backups.

Website Attacks

Read our post on Website Attacks – Prepare, Automate, Alert, and Report